Process bank statement files

The interface between Oracle and your Bank

APRO Banking Gateway provides a standard solution for Oracle Financials (Cloud) to simplify inbound file processing.

Inbound Solution

Inbound files like MT940, CAMT.053 and BAI2 can be uploaded manually or fully automatically in APRO Banking Gateway. Using our extensive and custom configurable matching rules our solution automatically identifies customers, invoices, supplier payments direct debits and reversals. Also miscellaneous transactions like bank charges are identified automatically. When all matching rules are applied a user can check the matching results and manually check the unmatched items. When all approvals are in the statement is send to Oracle Financials fully automatically.

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Load remittances from email

The APRO E-Remittances module can handle different flows of receiving remittances fully automated even if the remittances are received after the payment was received and registered in Oracle Accounts Receivable.

Enhanced bank statement processing

APRO’s enhanced bank statement processing module is able to identify the customer based on multiple points on the bank statements and from previous processed transactions. The intelligent system is self learning and after a short period it will identify most of your customers completely automatic. Automatic reconciliation of the bank statements will improve dramatically and in combination with the remittance module the automatic cash application will see an impressive improvement.

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Autoprocess Lockbox files with images

APRO E-Lockbox

With APRO E-Lockbox, you have an easy, and highly automated application that can process lockbox files with scanned check and remittance images directly from your bank into Oracle Financials Cloud or E-Business Suite.

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