Peppol network

Peppol Access Point for Oracle Financials


APRO Software Solutions is a Certified Access Point to the Peppol network. In this capacity, we can connect your Oracle Financials to the Peppol network making sure that you can as well receive electronic invoices as well send electronic invoices via this interoperable network.


Peppol network



Oracle Accounts Payable

Supplier invoices delivered to you via the Peppol network are received by APRO as an Access Point. APRO then ensures that the invoice is processed in your Oracle Accounts Payable by means of APRO Imaging. The embedded invoice image in the electronic invoice is also automatically attached to the invoice record in AP.


Oracle Accounts Receivable

Do you want to deliver your invoices to your customers or to the government via the Peppol network? When APRO is the Access Point for your organization, electronic invoices are delivered to your customers via the Peppol Network. Sending electronic invoices is possible with the APRO E-Invoicing Outbound module. With this module XML invoices and the PDF invoice are created based on information from Oracle Receivables and other Oracle modules such as Projects and Order Management.


  • Connect Oracle Financials to Peppol network
  • In-and outbound electronic invoice processing
  • Notifications when invoice is received
  • Support for PeppolBis3 format


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Wijnand Heinen
Wijnand Heinen

Managing Director APRO Imaging