Webinar – Streamline the Processing of Financial Documents for Effective Cash Flow Management


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Join us to learn more about our innovative solutions for improving your financial document processing and cash flow management. We look forward to seeing you during our webinar!


Streamline the Processing of Financial Documents for Effective Cash Flow Management


Organizations receive a large volume of incoming financial documents, such as lockbox files, remittances and accounts payable invoices. You can receive it by traditional mail, in an email (body or attachment) Excel, Word or PDF document. Nowadays even via electronic networks!


The financial data contained in these documents will need to be created in your Oracle Financials (Accounts Payable or Receivable), and you don’t want to do that manually.


How do you deal with this now?

How can you efficiently streamline this flow to avoid errors and delays?


Managing your cash flow is of course important for the health of your organization.


Join this session to enrich your knowledge of handling various financial documents and to provide clear guidance on how to get them into Oracle Financials.

  • Presentation Objective 1
    What formats and sources can be handled and how do you process these documents?
  • Presentation Objective 2
    How to get the financial data in a secure and efficient way in Oracle.
  • Presentation Objective 3
    Learn about features that can help you to validate and enrich data before its processed in Oracle Financials.


Wijnand Heinen works as a senior manager for APRO Software Solutions and helps companies improve their accounts payable invoice process in terms of efficiency and automation.


John Nagel works as a Managing Director at APRO Software Solutions. He started as a consultant and now has almost 15 years of experience in connecting banks with Oracle ERP systems and improving bank reconciliation, cash applications and the supplier payments process. Currently he manages the sales and implementation part of APRO Banking Gateway.


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