Streamline and Automate Your Invoice Process

E-Invoicing Outbound for Oracle Financials

Less time, less errors

By streamlining and automating the invoice process, APRO E-Invoicing Outbound saves you valuable time and reduces the risk of errors. With its seamless integration with Oracle Financials, APRO eliminates the need for manual data entry and manual validation, resulting in faster invoice generation and increased accuracy. This frees up your team’s time to focus on more strategic tasks, while also minimizing the potential for human errors.


Seamless integration with Oracle Financials

APRO E-Invoicing Outbound ensures a standard integration with Oracle Financials, specifically Oracle AR. This integration allows for the seamless flow of data between APRO and Oracle Financials, eliminating any data inconsistencies or manual data entry errors. By leveraging Oracle AR, APRO automates the entire invoice process, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

E-Invoicing Outbound

Outbound e-invoice processing. Create and send electronic invoices via e-mail and Peppol.

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Maintain flexibility

With APRO E-Invoicing Outbound, you can maintain the flexibility of your invoicing processes. APRO supports multiple invoice formats, including UBL2.1, EHF Billing 3.0 and Peppol BIS Billing v3 (a.o. ELMA & ERST Peppol Authority), ensuring compliance with various country-specific regulations. Whether you need to send invoices via email, SFTP, or the Peppol network, APRO provides flexible send methods to meet your specific requirements.


24/7 processing

APRO E-Invoicing Outbound enables 24/7 processing, allowing you to send out invoices anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s during regular business hours or outside of them, APRO ensures uninterrupted operations, providing convenience and flexibility for your invoicing needs. This allows you to meet tight deadlines and ensures that your customers receive their invoices promptly.

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With APRO E-Invoicing Outbound, you have access to comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Through intuitive dashboards, you can easily track and monitor the status of your invoice processing. This real-time visibility enables you to identify any bottlenecks or issues, empowering you to take proactive measures and optimize your invoice workflows. With APRO’s monitoring feature, you can ensure that your invoicing process runs smoothly and efficiently.


By choosing APRO E-Invoicing Outbound and its seamless integration with Oracle Financials, you can streamline your invoice processes, reduce manual effort, and ensure compliance with customer invoice requirements. With faster processing, increased accuracy, flexible send methods, 24/7 availability, and comprehensive monitoring, APRO simplifies and enhances your invoicing experience, making it fast, fun, and flexible.

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