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Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud

APRO Interfacing Cloud allows you to interface all purchase orders and purchase agreements (blankets) from your external ordering systems into your Oracle Procurement software in one fell swoop. This innovative and user-friendly solution processes files with supplier master data, purchase orders and blanket agreements from external systems in any file format and layout, so you don’t have to.


APRO Interfacing Cloud doesn’t only allow you to standardize and automate your interface processes, it also validates and enriches data before sending it to Oracle, uses (s)FTP to automatically retrieve data from your external systems and it reports the results of the processed records back to the external system! With APRO Interfacing Cloud your data works for you.


  • A web-based, standard SaaS solution hosted by Oracle Cloud Services
  • Fully compatible with Oracle Financials Cloud
  • Manage all interfacing from one dashboard
  • Easy migration of customer, supplier and purchasing data into Oracle Financials Cloud
  • A secure, host-to-host connection with external systems
  • Validation of customer and supplier bank account details
  • A fully automated interface process without user intervention
  • Validate purchasing data against blanket agreements
  • A user-friendly interface with the look and feel of Oracle Financials Cloud

How it works

APRO Interfacing Cloud for Oracle Procurement pulls files with purchase orders and blanket agreements from your external PO systems, regardless of the file format and layout. You can either manually import the files into APRO Cloud Interfacing or you can have this done automatically using the ACS Concurrent Manager. The imported data is then validated before being submitted to Oracle Financials Cloud. Enrichment of the data ensures that the import will go smoothly and won’t be rejected. APRO Cloud Interfacing also checks the data that already exists in Oracle Procurement Cloud, so that, if a purchase order or blanket agreement already exists, the data will not be sent through to Oracle. Before creating the final purchase orders and blanket agreements, however, APRO Interfacing Cloud checks whether the supplier on the purchase order and/or blanket agreement is available in Oracle Financials Cloud. If they’re not the, PO and/or BA will not be interfaced. Sounds easy, and quite frankly, it is.


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