Webinar – Payments and Reconciliations in Oracle Fusion Financials




Join our webinar to discover how you can streamline the final stages of your Procure-to-Pay process through automation. Once your invoices gain approval in Oracle Financials, we’ll demonstrate how to seamlessly initiate payments. In this session, we’ll illustrate the automated connection to your bank, the generation of a payment file tailored to your bank’s specifications, and the secure transmission of that file.


To ensure comprehensive payment closure, reconciliation in Oracle Cash Management is crucial. We’ll guide you through the process of loading files received from your bank the following day (BAI2, CAMT.053), highlighting how the system automatically identifies and reconciles your payments.


For a comprehensive overview of your payments process, we’ll showcase how to leverage acknowledgment files from your bank. The system will load these files, updating the status of each payment automatically. This feature enables you to monitor the status of every payment throughout the entire process.


Additionally, we’ll demonstrate integrated reporting within the solution, empowering you to closely monitor your payments at every stage of the process. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance efficiency and transparency in your Procure-to-Pay workflo


Learning Objectives:

  • Automate bank connections without custom developments
  • Automate the creation of payment files
  • Minimize the number of payment files sent to your bank

Educational Tracks:


Presenter: John Nagel


John Nagel works as a Managing Director at APRO Software Solutions. He started as a consultant and now has over 17 years of experience in connecting banks with Oracle ERP systems and improving bank reconciliation, cash applications and the supplier payments process. Currently he manages the sales and implementation part of APRO Banking Gateway.

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