Please contact us in case you have questions or issues on our software. Our helpdesk is easily accessible and you will have instant contact with knowledgeable people.


Via E-mail

Please always register your question via e-mail. You can send a description of your issue including version number, clarified with screenshots to our helpdesk.

APRO Helpdesk:

Via Phone

If you would like to talk to one of our helpdesk employees, please call:

APRO Banking Gateway:

  +31 (0) 33 299 99 90

  +1 888 905 73 11 (toll free)

APRO Imaging:

  +31 (0) 33 299 99 05

  +1 888 905 73 11 (toll free) 

Via Skype for Business

APRO makes use of Skype for Business. This can also be used for support.

Skype for business can be used for screensharing but also for skype calls. Screensharing can help to get a better understanding of the reported issue. Please make sure that you are able to use Skype for Business in order to get the best possible support.

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