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Webinar ACS 04.06.00 - New Features

20/7/202300:003960.9997222222 hours

APRO Cloud Solutions version 04.06.00 will be released on July 21st.

From that date onwards you have a 3 week window to test this new version. Before the version is rolled out on your test environment, we would like to inform you about this release via a recorded webinar. In this webinar we go through the most important changes.

- Banking update: John Nagel, Managing Director
- Imaging update: Peter Jaap de Graaf Managing Consultant

Version 04.06.00 release info:
Below a summary of the release dates for version 04.06.00

Upgrade Test environment
- Friday, July 21 - 04.06.00

Sub release
- Friday, July 28 - 04.06.01
- Friday, August 4 - 04.06.02

Upgrade Production environment
- Saturday, August 12 - 04.06.02





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