Webinar – Streamline Your Approval Workflow: A Hands-On Guide to AP Invoice Processing in combination with Oracle EBS

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Streamline Your Approval Workflow: A Hands-On Guide to AP Invoice Processing in combination with Oracle EBS.


AP invoice processing is a crucial component of financial management in many organizations. The AP process involves several steps, including receiving invoices, verifying data accuracy, obtaining approvals, and recording payment information. APRO Software Solutions, a company specializing in providing solutions for finance efficiency and automation, offers a comprehensive solution for AP invoice processing in combination with Oracle E-Business Suite. APRO Imaging streamlines the invoice processing workflow and integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite to provide real-time data visibility, improved accuracy, and increased efficiency including an accounts payable invoice approval. With APRO Imaging , organizations can automate their AP invoice processing, reduce manual errors, and enhance their overall financial management processes.


We are excited to announce our webinar has a focused on AP invoice processing with a special emphasis on the approval workflow. This webinar is not your typical boring presentation filled with slides and bullet points. Instead, we have designed this session to be a hands-on experience where you can learn about AP invoice processing through practical scenarios and real-life examples.


We will be covering various scenarios related to the approval workflow in detail and showing you how to handle these situations using our solution in combination with Oracle E-Business Suite. Our expert instructors will guide you through the process, demonstrating the features and functions of the system and answering any questions you may have.


Whether you are new to AP invoice processing or an experienced professional, this webinar is the perfect opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your skills. With the hands-on approach, you can see how the solution works in real-time and get a feel for how it can streamline your AP invoice processing workflow.


Don’t miss this chance to learn about AP invoice processing with a focus on the approval workflow. Watch the webinar now and join us for an engaging and informative session!


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the AP invoice processing workflow and the role of approval in this process.
  2. Becoming familiar with the features and functions of the AP invoice processing solution offered by APRO Software Solutions in combination with Oracle E-Business Suite.
  3. Learning how to handle various approval scenarios, including multi-level approvals, conditional approvals, and exception handling.
  4. Gaining insight into the benefits of automating AP invoice processing, including improved accuracy, reduced manual errors, and enhanced financial management processes.
  5. Developing a deeper understanding of how AP invoice processing integrates with other financial management processes and systems, including accounting and payment systems.

Peter Jaap de Graaf works as Managing Consultant for APRO Software Solutions helping companies improving their AP invoice automation. Before Peter joined the APRO Team he worked as AP Specialist working with APRO Imaging in combination with Oracle Financials. During his career at APRO he did many APRO Imaging implementations, worldwide.


Wijnand Heinen works as a senior manager for APRO Software Solutions and helps companies improve their accounts payable invoice process in terms of efficiency and automation.

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