APRO Interfacing Cloud for Oracle Procurement

With 20 years of experience, in areas like supplier invoices, payments, customer receipts, direct debits (ACH debits) and bank reconciliations, APRO Software Solutions has a well-proven track record for integrating with and interfacing data to Oracle E-Business Suite. Our software is now also available as SAAS solution for Oracle Financials Cloud providing the same integrations, interfaces and more. APRO has introduced a new interfacing solution to interface data from external systems to Oracle Financials Cloud, interfaces for AP, AR and Purchasing are already available and more is to come.

Standardize and automate your Purchase Order & Purchase Agreement interface process

APRO Interfacing Cloud for Oracle Procurement takes files with purchase orders and purchase agreements from your external PO systems in any file format and layout. Manually or fully automatically the files can be imported into APRO Cloud Interfacing. The imported data is validated before being submitted to Oracle Financials. In addition to that APRO can enrich the data to ensure that the import to Oracle will not fail. APRO also checks on already existing data in Oracle Procurement Cloud, so if a purchase prder or agreement already exists the data will not be sent to Oracle. Before creating purchase orders and agreements, APRO Interfacing Cloud will check whether the supplier on the purchase order and/or agreement is available in Oracle Financials Cloud. Only then the purchase orders and agreements will be interfaced.

Payables flowchart






Oracle Financials Cloud offers a broad suite of modules and capabilities designed to empower modern finance and deliver customer success with streamlined processes, increased productivity and improved business decisions.


Although Oracle Financials Cloud offers a broad suite of capabilities for interfacing all customer and supplier related data, it is often difficult to connect your external systems to Oracle. The APRO Interfacing Cloud will offer you various opportunities to streamline and integrate your business processes with Oracle Financials Cloud.

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