The Intercompany Netting process with standard Oracle can be complex and time-consuming. Achieving efficient communication between different entities on intercompany invoices is challenging and prone to error. Leading to a complicated network of funds being shifted around in the organization.

APRO Multilateral Netting solves these problems by centralizing the netting process. With this clear, easy-to-use program, a single department controls the entire inter-company cash flow, saving significantly on bank charges and conversion costs. The Payables and Receivables departments only deal with the other entities through standard and automated e-mails, while the central treasurer monitors the entire process. Thanks to the direct link to Oracle Financials, the system is always up-to-date.


APRO Multilateral Netting - BeforeAPRO Multilateral Netting - After


APRO Multilateral netting works with Oracle E-Business Suite. APRO is Oracle release independent; our products works on all recent versions of Oracle E-Business Suite.

A clear, standardized and highly effective system. APRO Banking Gateway for Oracle Financials™ will save your financial organization considerable amounts of time and money by automating all those time-consuming tasks. Since there is no need for complicated customizations, processing your incoming and outgoing cash flows will be quick, easy and efficient.


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