APRO E-Remittance

Manual processing of received remittances
In the UK most companies receive remittance advices from their customers. In other countries mostly for the larger payments remittances are send. The processing of these remittances can be very time consuming. This is because all customers have their own way of sending remittances and they all use their own format. Remittances can be received on paper or electronically via e-mail. E-mail remittances are received as an attachment to an e-mail, or typed in the body of an e-mail. Another problem of remittances is the fact that remittances received by mail often arrive too late so the bank statement is already processed to Oracle.

APRO E-Remittances
The APRO E-Remittances module can handle different flows of receiving remittances fully automated even if the remittances are received too late.

Enhanced bank statement processing
APRO’s enhanced bank statement processing module is able to identify the customer based on the limited descriptions on the bank statements. The system is self learning so after a short period it is able to identify most of the customers fully automatically. Automatic reconciliation of the bank statements will improve dramatically.

Paper remittances
Paper remittances are scanned and interpreted via the build-in OCR module. Valid scans are automatically converted to a remittance advice. Invalid scans can be picked up manually. These scanned remittances can be reviewed and corrected.

E-mail remittances
APRO E-Remittances is able to cope with many different types of electronically received remittances. E-mail attachments with formats like PDF, TIFF, CSV, Txt and many more. Remittances are pulled from the e-mails automatically, using a dedicated mail box.

Processing to Oracle E-business Suite
After the remittances are processed, the found invoices are checked in Oracle. Fully identified remittances are available for processing directly. Incomplete remittances can be checked manually. Using the enhanced bank statement processing module APRO will match remittances automatically to the bank statement lines. During the whole process of processing the bank statements the remittances are available for review.

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