APRO Banking Gateway

APRO Banking Gateway provides a standard solution for Oracle Financials to simplify inbound and outbound file processing. Files from banks worldwide can be processed with APRO Banking Gateway, without customizations in Oracle Financials. Inbound, like bank statement and lockbox files. Outbound, like Payment and Direct Debit files. The solution is available for Oracle E-Business Suite and as Cloud solution for Oracle Financials Cloud

APRO Banking Gateway for Oracle Financials Cloud is hosted using Oracle PAAS

Inbound - Electronic Banking

APRO Banking Gateway can automatically import files such as bank statements, lockbox files and remittances files into Oracle Financials. It extracts, recognizes and validates data like invoice numbers or payment numbers from the received files, and checks the data directly in Oracle Financials. Payments, direct debits, receipts and journal entries will be automatically reconciled in Oracle Cash Management.


EB Flow


Outbound - Payments and Direct Debits

APRO Banking Gateway automatically retrieves payment and direct debit batches directly from Oracle once they are ready for file creation. Since APRO supports the common formats used by banks across the world, you can create payment and direct debit files in more than 600 different formats. APRO Banking Gateway further supports SEPA-XML formats for European transactions as well as a number of secure transfer protocols, such as FTP and Secure FTP.




Available for Oracle Financials Cloud and E-Business Suite

We connect to Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud. APRO is Oracle release independent; our product suite works on all recent versions of Oracle E-Business Suite and Financials Cloud. With our solutions available as Client and Cloud SAAS we are ready for your business and future upgrade plans.

Quick, Easy, Efficient

A clear, standardized and highly effective system. APRO Banking Gateway for Oracle Financials™ will save your financial organisation considerable amounts of time and money by automating all those time-consuming tasks. Since there is no need for complicated customizations, processing your incoming and outgoing cash flows will be quick, easy and efficient.

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