APRO Banking Gateway

The Interface Between Oracle and Your Bank

APRO Banking Gateway provides a standard solution for Oracle Financials (Cloud) to simplify inbound and outbound file processing.

Inbound Solution

Inbound files like MT940, CAMT.053 and BAI2 can be uploaded manually or fully automatically in APRO Banking Gateway. Using our extensive and custom configurable matching rules our solution automatically identifies customers, invoices, supplier payments direct debits and reversals. Also miscellaneous transactions like bank charges are identified automatically. When all matching rules are applied a user can check the matching results and manually check the unmatched items. When all approvals are in the statement is send to Oracle Financials fully automatically.

Outbound Solution

With APRO Banking Gateway the Oracle setup for supplier payments is generic for the countries being implemented. APRO deals with all country specific requirements per bank and per format. If additional information is needed in a country or for a bank APRO will use standard fields out of Oracle the get the information from. The files created by APRO can be encrypted or hashing can be added. Via our host to host connection we can deliver the payment files directly at the bank. Acknowledgment files received from your bank can be processed via APRO to update the status of the payment or payment batch directly in Oracle Financials.

The same approach is taken for Customer Direct Debits. For SEPA direct debits APRO Banking Gateway support mandates from Oracle but also supports an integrated mandate solution.

Cloud Solution

APRO Banking Gateway is now available as Cloud solutions for Oracle Financials Cloud. Our solution uses Oracle technologies like Oracle Database and Java. Hosting is done with Oracle PAAS using the trusted datacentres of Oracle.

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Easily process check receipts to Oracle Financials

Lockbox File processing

The processing of check payments can be a time consuming task. With APRO E-Lockbox, lockbox files received from your bank, containing check and invoice information, can be processed and automatically uploaded into Oracle Receivables. Using matching rules the invoices and customers are automatically recognised. while processing the results to Oracle Financials, APRO E-Lockbox will create the receipts and automatically connects the identified customer and invoices. 

On-Premise Check processing

When the checks are received on-premise, APRO E-Lockbox provides the ability to scan the checks and remittance stubs with OCR to recognise the teksts on the checks. The data extracted from the remittances is used to match customers and open invoices in Oracle Receivables.

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APRO E-Remittance

Automated remittance processing

APRO E-Remittances

The APRO E-Remittances module can handle different flows of receiving remittances fully automated even if the remittances are received too late.

Enhanced bank statement processing

APRO’s enhanced bank statement processing module is able to identify the customer based on the limited descriptions on the bank statements. The system is self learning so after a short period it is able to identify most of the customers fully automatically. Automatic reconciliation of the bank statements will improve dramatically.

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