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While the standard Oracle E-Business Suite is an extremely useful application, invoice processing is still a labor-intensive process. Manual entry, paper invoices get lost, payments are often overdue and it takes considerable time before every authorized official has actually approved an invoice. This is why APRO developed APRO Imaging: a standard, efficient solution for invoice processing and approval that is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and compatible with Oracle Financials Cloud.


Invoice processing and approval
The standard Oracle E-Business Suite invoice handling is a labor-intensive process and sometimes an incredible hassle. The manual entry of invoices and manual matching of purchase orders is a time-consuming and costly process at the best of times. Lost invoices, payments overdue, and no grip on the approval process are insurmountable with a paper invoice approval. The time involved in entering, matching and approving invoices is considerable. Not even mentioning the elapsed time it takes before multiple employees or departments have approved the same invoice.


APRO Imaging
These problems are a thing of the past with APRO Imaging. This user-friendly, intelligent application is designed for Oracle E-Business Suite to lighten or reduce an important part of the purchase to pay process. It removes the need for manually entering invoice data and the instant availability of the invoice image in many modules of Oracle is a huge advantage for the approval process. The automated reminders ensure a rapid response in the approval process. All throughout, the system records Key Performance Indicators to help users continuously to monitor the working processes.

APRO Imaging


Available for Oracle Financials Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite


So, how does this solution work? APRO Imaging makes invoice processing a matter of a few easy steps:

  1. APRO Imaging uses Full Text Optical Character Recognition (contextual OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to retrieve data from images in an intelligent way, according to preset search criteria that can be maintained by the users.
  2. The retrieved data will be processed into Oracle Payables via the Payables open interface. APRO makes it possible to enter quickly purchase order invoices for matching purposes without the need to go through various Oracle forms. Non-purchase order invoices can be entered by means of quick codes – taking into consideration Oracle  cross validation rules. All invoice details will be validated against existing data in Oracle Financials before sending it to the Payables open interface. The invoice image will be available in a number of Oracle applications, including Payables, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and Projects.
  3. Once processed in Oracle, the invoices go through the APRO Imaging Workflow to all the different users that must give their approval (including parallel approval). If any of these users are unexpectedly absent, the invoice manager can reroute the invoice to another authorized user. The workflow sends automatic notifications if users don’t respond on time and the invoice tracking functionality keeps a history of everything that is done with the invoice (forwarding, approving, etc).

Available for Oracle Financials Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite

We connect to Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud. APRO is Oracle release independent; our product suite works on all recent versions of Oracle E-Business Suite and Financials Cloud. With our solutions available as Client and Cloud SAAS we are ready for your business and future upgrade plans.

Quick, Easy, Efficient

APRO Imaging is a flexible, intuitive solution that uses advanced technology to give you maximum control over your invoice flow with minimum effort. With the automated invoice processing and easy to use approval workflow, this ‘plug and play’ application is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite.

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