E-Invoicing Outbound
Sent automatically electronic invoices to your customers

The module APRO E-Invoicing Outbound for Oracle E-Business Suite is the user friendly standard software product with which electronic invoices (data file + invoice image) can be created based on data directly from Oracle Financials. The electronic invoices are automatically sent to your customer.

The invoice information (invoice header and invoice lines) is created by fetching information from various Oracle modules such as Receivables, Projects, Purchasing and Order Management. These data are brought together in the electronic format UBL2.1, SI-UBL and Peppol BIS Billing v 3. The electronic invoice can be sent via various sending methods including the PEPPOL Network. In Oracle Receivables the invoice image can be queried on transaction level.

In addition, an invoice image can be created in PDF format as well. In combination with the PEPPOL Network the invoice image will be embedded in the XML format.

The invoices (electronic file and invoice image) can be sent by email, SFTP or via the PEPPOL Network. There are various options how and what you would like to send your customer invoices. For example:

An easy solution to process customer invoices

After the invoice has been created and sent, the invoice can be viewed in Oracle Receivables. The APRO Viewer will not only show the invoice image that is created but also additional information such as the email message, processing information and the content of the electronic invoice.

If you have customers that still need a paper invoice,i.e. because of legislation, APRO will save the invoices on a pre-defined location for print.


APRO Software Solutions is a FULL Simpler Invoicing Participant and access point on the Peppol network. A FULL participant has access to the Discovery Engine, the mechanism to discover which businesses are reachable in the Peppol network.

See for more information www.peppol.eu.

Solution for Oracle Financials
When APRO is the Access Point for your organization it means that electronic invoices can be received (Inbound) or sent (Outbound) via via the PEPPOL network by means of our Cloud-based solution for Electronic Invoices. 

APRO can create an SI UBL (XML) message with information directly from Oracle Receivables, Oracle Order Management and Oracle Projects. The electronic invoice is sent via email or SFTP to your customer. Because of the connection on Simpler Invoicing your invoices can be easily delivered to other participants on the Peppol network.

Quick, Easy, Efficient

A clear, standardized and highly effective system. APRO E-Invoicing Outbound for Oracle Financials™ will save your financial organisation considerable amounts of time and money by automating all those time-consuming tasks. Since there is no need for complicated customizations, processing your outbound invoice flows will be quick, easy and efficient.

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