How many repetitive invoices does your finance department receive every day? Processing high-volume invoices, whether manually or even with the help of scanning solutions, is time-consuming. This is why many companies these days prefer receiving electronic invoices: it is quick, easy and efficient, especially with APRO E- Invoicing Inbound. The APRO E-Invoicing Inbound module is a fully automated and user-friendly application to process all your electronic invoices and is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. 


High-volume invoices

Large organizations deal with large volumes of repetitive invoices. The manual processing of these invoices is a nightmare for the finance department and scanning solutions still require manual verification: a labor-intensive, costly procedure. E-invoicing, with its environmentally advantageous implications and its lenient rules in many countries, would appear to be the ideal solution. Yet, even, if all suppliers send in e-invoices, handling the many different file formats and checking results would be an enormous hassle without the proper solution.


APRO E-Invoicing
APRO E-Invoicing Inbound streamlines the entire process. The application imports any received electronic invoice, no matter what format (for example XML, iDoc/SAP, HR-XML, UBL 2.1, SI-UBL or UN/CEFACT CII) to Oracle Accounts Payable. The invoices can be processed from an e-mail account, secure FTP or electronic post office – even outside of working hours. The finance department only needs to monitor the process, made easy with a user-friendly dashboard interface and a clear history. For tight process control, the system can be set to send confirmation e-mails to suppliers every time an invoice is processed. Even installation and implementation is quick and easy: the system can be up and running in four days, including key user training.

Get more out of your Oracle Applications: Optimize your high-volume invoice flows for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud.


24/7 Automatic invoice processing
So, how does this solution work? Since the process is entirely automated, no part of it takes manual interference:

  1. Invoices are received electronically.
  2. APRO E-Invoicing Inbound will validate invoice details against existing data in Oracle E-Business Suite. When valid, the invoice data (header and lines) is imported into the Oracle Accounts Payable Invoice Open Interface and from there into Oracle Accounts Payable. The image file is attached automatically to the Oracle invoice and can be viewed in many Oracle modules such as Payables, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and Projects.
  3. The invoice is sent to the Oracle Approval Management Engine or the standard APRO Imaging workflow for approval. The entire process is easy to monitor, both by the finance department with the dashboard interface and by management thanks to the clear-cut management information overviews.

Peppol Access Point

APRO Software Solutions is a FULL participant and access point on the Peppol network. A FULL participant has access to the Discovery Engine, the mechanism to discover which businesses are reachable in the Peppol network.

Solution for Oracle Financials
When APRO is the Access Point for your organization it means that electronic invoices can be received (Incoming) or sent (Outgoing) via via the PEPPOL network by means of our Cloud-based solution for Electronic Invoices. 

One of the products in our portfolio is APRO Imaging and E-Invoicing for processing accounts payable supplier invoices into Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud where the invoice image is automatically linked to the transaction in Oracle. APRO Software Solutions is FULL participant on the Peppol network. APRO can receive invoices from this network for your organization and process them in Oracle Accounts Payable.

APRO can create an SI-UBL, UBL2.1, Peppol BIS Billing 3 formats with information directly from Oracle Receivables, Oracle Order Management and Oracle Projects. The electronic invoice is sent via email or SFTP to your customer. Because of the connection on the Peppol network your invoices can be easily delivered to other participants on the Peppol network.

If you would like to receive and process invoices from the Peppol network in combination with Oracle Financials please call +31 33 299 98 09 or email to wheinen@apro.nl.

Get more out of your Oracle Applications

Optimize your high-volume invoice flows for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud.

Quick, Easy, Efficient

APRO E-Invoicing is a global, time-saving and cost-effective solution that is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite. With the user-friendly dashboards and security options electronic invoices in any format can be processed fully automatic.

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