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APRO Software Solutions is specialized in providing solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud. With 20 years of experience in Oracle we have been helping our customers to get the most out of their Oracle Applications. Through our invoice processing solution and banking solutions we offer a broad suite of solutions that can simplify and automate the entire Purchase-to-pay process.

APRO Imaging

Automate your in- and outbound invoice flows

APRO offers several solutions for optimizing and automating your incoming and outgoing invoices. Through OCR and intelligent data capture invoice information is recognized and validated against your Oracle Financials system by our integrated solution.

As APRO is a certified access point on the PEPPOL network, you are assured of receiving (Oracle Accounts Payable) and sending (Oracle Accounts Receivable) electronic invoices through this channel. 

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APRO Banking Gateway

The Interface Between Oracle and Your Bank

APRO Banking Gateway provides a standard solution for Oracle Financials to simplify inbound and outbound file processing. Processes like bank reconciliations, lockbox processing, supplier payments and customer direct debits can be automated and simplified using this standard solution.

APRO Banking Gateway can be used worldwide. Currently the solution offers a library of over 900 bank file formats that can help you get connected to almost any bank you like. Payment types like SEPA, ACH, WIRE, E-Check are supported. For bank statement processing APRO support numerous file types like MT940, CAMT.053 and BAI2.

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APRO Interfacing Cloud

Connect your system with Oracle Financials Cloud

APRO Interfacing Cloud offers the ability to interface Suppliers, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Agreements, Customers and Customer Transactions to Oracle Financials Cloud. With this standard solution APRO offers a quick connection for financial data coming from any type of external system. APRO will maintain the solution for any new release of Oracle Financials Cloud to make sure that the interfacing process can always be used.

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APRO GL Reconciliation

Standardise your GL reconciliation process

APRO GL Reconciliation offers the ability to automate the reconciliation of your General Ledger accounts. automatic import of journal entries, use of search rules make that the process can be fully automated. Your users only have to check the exeptions. APRO GL Reconciliation is intergrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and can use and update the reconciliation status of accounts directly in Oracle E-Business Suite. The module also offers management overviews to get an quick and easy overview of the status of the reconciliation process at the end of every month. Some of our customers save up to 70% in time using this solution compared to the standard Oracle E-Business Suite reconciliation process.

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APRO Intercompany Netting

Simplify your Intercompany invoice processing

APRO Intercompany Netting is the easy to use tool to fuly automatically handle your Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables Intercompany invoices. With one push of a button all AP Intercompany Invoices and AR Intercompany Transactions are imported into APRO Intercompany Netting. APRO Intercompany Netting caluclates the net-position per company. When finalizing the run all AP Invoices and AR Transactions are closed and new invoices or transactions for the Netted position are created per company. So one invoice per company per run. These netted invoices are paid via the regular payment run.

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We have 20+ years of experience in processing data into Oracle Applications. Our expertise is in the area of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud.

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APRO Banking Gateway and APRO Imaging work seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud.

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