Webinar: Total payment automation: closing the last mile

Available on-demand
Live webinar: Monday, June 28 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (CT)

This short 30-minute webinar by APRO Software Solutions will showcase how to automate the final part of your procurement process for Oracle Financials Cloud & E-Business Suite. We will demonstrate how APRO Banking Gateway enables the business to have consistent, systemized controls for payments for every country and a single portal for approvals and reconciliation across all banks. In addition, it will enhance controls and free up valuable IT time from maintenance of multiple host-to-host connections between Oracle ERP and your various banks and branches.

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Webinar: Improve cash application for EFT and WIRE receipts

This short 30-minute on-demand webinar by APRO Software Solutions will demonstrate how you can improve the AR cash application for EFT and WIRE receipts for Oracle Financials (ERP Cloud & EBS). Join us and learn how the APRO Banking Gateway application integrates with Oracle, connects with your email account and automatically applies your cash based on remittance information found in your email.

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Webinar: AP Invoice Automation for Oracle Financials Cloud

This 30 minute on-demand webinar will demonstrate how to improve the AP Invoice processing for Oracle Financials Cloud. Join us and learn how the APRO Imaging application connects to Oracle Cloud ERP and uses your own vendor master data during the OCR process achieve better recognition on suppliers and an overall efficiency gain on invoice processing.

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Webinar: How to load statements from your banks into Oracle Financials

In this on-demand session we will focus on how you can directly connect to your banks and start loading your daily bank statements, fully automatically, in Oracle Financials Cloud or Oracle E-Business Suite using APRO Banking Gateway. Files that can be loaded are for example BAI2 formats, MT940, CAMT053, CAMT054 ISO20022 XML, lockbox files and many more. Formats are ready build available for example for: Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, US Bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and many more global and local banks.

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Webinar: How to process invoices from email into Oracle Financials

During this on-demand session you will learn:

  • How to process email invoices from your mailbox into Oracle financials using APRO Imaging
  • Best practice tips
  • The importance of maintaining good vendor master data
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OATUG Customer Case: I Will Stay on EBS and Maximize Our Automatic Cash Application

In this customer case study learn how we have automated the consolidation of data from multiple sources. By using smart logic and learning functionalities most of our cash is now applied automatically and available in Oracle minutes later

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